How do you feel about Al Gore having a company that benefits from cap and trade?



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    There is obviously a conflict of interest. If he is out promoting cap and trade, promoting himself as an individual who has nothing specific at stake, then he is lying. And as much as he might really care about the green movement it is unlawful. You can use your public status to tell the public something just to turn around and privately gain form it.

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    I feel better about Al Gore and cap and trade than I do about the Iraq war, Dick Cheney and Haliburton.  However, laram is right that it is wrong not to disclose a conflict of interest.  In the long run though, this system could be good for both our capitalistic system and our environment.

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    It doesn’t really bother me. He’s practicing what he preaches.  I think it would be worse if he had companies that DON’T participate in cap and trade.  you can think of his advocacy as a form of working.  It’s not illegal, like Martha Stewart’s early trading.

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