How do you de-bug your home without using insecticides?



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    We get ants sometimes, and since they are not actually living in the house, my dad just finds out where they are getting in and plugs up the holes. If the bugs are already living in the wales, however, insecticides might be the best option.

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    What kind of bugs? Generally, you should keep stacked wood, branches, waste, and garbage bins away from your house. Bugs are attracted to these things. Also, get rid of any standing water, in or around your house. Prevent bugs from thinking twice about making your home theirs by avoiding clutter, cleaning up food/beverage spills, and sealing food tight. Make sure no food is available to critters, including what might be leftover on dirty dishes. You might want to switch to liquid hand soap if you notice ants near your sink – some bar soaps attract them. Close up cracks in floors, ceilings, walls, and spaces under doors and windows.

    I also try not to kill spiders because they eat bugs and I can tolerate them for the most part. I also had a bug-eating cat, which I think many active cats are (sounds silly, but very effective in roach elimination). That’s all I can think of without resorting to insecticides.

    On that note, there are such things as eco-friendly insecticides, which are natural/botanical, like pyrethrum. These use essential oils from plants and spices like rosemary, mint, cloves, and thyme, for example. But beware the killer spices – they are still dangerous to animals and people, and can cause nervous system issues, so proceed with caution.

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    Depending on the pest, you can get a less intrusive pest to take care of it.  Spiders are the most small common predators for most small bugs.  Aphids are disposed of quite nicely with ladybirds.  When I used to live out on a barn we purchased fly wasps which killed the larval stage of most horseflies.  Of course this method works best outdoors but if the problem is that there is so many outdoors that they are coming inside this could work.  Otherwise I would look into eco-friendly insecticides.

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    It depends on what kind of bug you are trying to keep or get out. I know of a few non-toxic, no chemical methods for a few common household bugs. 1: To keep ants our of your house collect used coffee ground and put a thin line around of then around your house, particularly under windows and near doors. I don’t know why this works, but my mom did it when I was a kid and it worked really well. 2: To get rid of fleas or ticks that have gotten into your home, put dish soap with a little bit of water in a white (or other light colored) shallow bowl (or an upside-down Frisbee works great), put a small lamp right next to the plate, ;eave the light on all night and in the morning your soap mixture will have caught a lot of the pests. 

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