how do you convert Calories (Energy) into a Mass (Pounds)?

I dont know how it is possible to convert a energy to a mass its kinda hard for me to believe but in is on every foods nutrition value menu.



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    So first of all, calories, as they are refered to in nutrition are actually kilocalories. I think the issue is that you have to know the makeup of the substance that you are weighing. One pound of fat has about 3500 calories (or kilocalories). That means, that it takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. However, every substance takes a different number of calories to burn off a pound. Its like comparing mass and volume of different substances. i. e. a pound of feathers does weigh the same as a pound of bricks, yet the volume would be drastically different.

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    There’s actually a long string of equations that are used to figure out calorie to mass. These vary from person to person, as they take into account your metabolism, etc, but the page is easy to understand. The first link is just an online basic converter, but it doesn’t really have any particular information. 

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