How do you control a cat from biting?



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    Some peole use a metal can filled with coins. When the cat does something unacceptable, like bite, the person will shake the can. The cat does not like the noise and quickly learns to associate it with biting. Hopefully, the cat will stop the biting so that you do not shake the can.

    Other people will use a mister bottle and squirt the cat with water when it does something bad. However, this squirts water around your house and the cat gets wet in the process.

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    If the cat is a male, getting him neutered might help cut down on his aggression levels.  Some cats also respond negatively to “overpetting”, so it’s important to watch the signals they give (e.g. it stops purring, tail starts lashing, etc.)  Praise its behavior when it plays gently with you, and try not to leave it alone for extended periods of time, as they may respond aggressively to counteract their boredom.

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