How do you clean oil spills in the driveway?



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    Below are two links, the fist has multiple methods for cleaning oil spills off a driveway (the effectiveness of which aren’t verified) and the second is for a commercial oil spill product.

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    If the oil spill is fresh and wet, place cardboard, newspaper, and old rags on top of the spill. Replace cardboard, newspaper, and rags when they have become saturated. Repeat this process until the oil no longer appears wet and slick on the concrete or asphalt. Make sure to place the saturated cardboard, newspaper, and rags in double bagged heavy duty garbage bags and dispose according to environmental regulations. Then, spread kitty litter on the stain to absorb remaining oil. Afterwards sweep up the kitty litter and place some new kitty litter over the stain. Wait an hour to sweep up the kitty litter and repeat the process again, but wait until the next day to sweep up the kitty litter from the oil spill area. This process should help remove the oil and also the stain.

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    Besides old rags, cardboards and papers, you can also use wheat flour or any other flour. Throw good quantity of flour and cover the spilled area. Flour has a great tendency to absorb the oil. You can also buy a spill kit which is readily available in the market at cheaper prices.

    Also, by law if the spill is more than 1 gallon that spill needs to be reported to Department of Environmental Conservation in your state.

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