How do you care for a baby squirrel?

The mother is feared to be dead. He is very small. Can i feed him condensed milk?



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    Honestly, i know that it is tempting to want to help him. But you either need to give him to Animal Control or just set back in the wild.  Its still a wild animal you cant just turn it into your pet.  The longer you have the squirrel the more attached you will get to it, and the more he will not be able to adjust to the outside world. 

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    Check to see if there is a wildlife rehab center in your area. Wildlife rehab centers are able to raise injured and/or orphaned wildlife, and then release them back to the wild. They have proper license to do this and will do it in a way that won’t make the animal dependent on humans.

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    While I definitely agree with the previous answers, it is possible to keep a baby squirrel alive until you are able to reach a shelter by giving it condensed cats milk.  I have done this myself and it worked like a charm.  The shelter closest to me was about an hour and a half away and was full when I found the little guy.  He lived for 3 weeks like this.  Once they had room to receive him, I was told was able to be rehabilitated and released.  

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