How do worms help gardens?



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    Worms convert organic material into nutrients which plants can absorb. Because they loosen the soil, the roots of plants can grow more easily and it makes it easier for water and air to circulate within the soil which, in turn, enables the soil to retain any water it receives far more effectively.

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    In a number of ways, they aerate the soil providing paths and oxygen to the roots for one. They continually shed their outer shell, it is what is called castings in the market these days. These castings are so great because they are nutrient rich, especially having nitrogen which is great for early plant growth in general. Also they are a kind of canary in the coal mine if you will, if your land can readily support earthworms you’ve more than likely got some healthy soil. Though there are even more ways. There are some more benefits and even a few detractors of invasive species in the link below.

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