how do wind turbines work?



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    When wind turns the blades of a wind turbine, it spins the low-speed shaft the blades are connected to. The low-speed shaft then spins a gear box which is connected to a high-speed shaft. The high-speed shaft is connected to a generator which produces electricity. The high-speed shaft is necessary because rotating a shaft at low speeds would not produce electricity.

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    To simplify the above answer, a wind turbine is basically an electric motor. To get useful movement from an electric motor, you put electricity into it. A wind turbine is the same set up but you put movement into it and get electricity out of it.

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    This diagram might be helpful to understanding the above answers. At a wind farm, several turbines like this would be grouped together to produce bulk electrical power. This energy is then fed into the grid like energy from any other conventional power plant would be.

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