How do whales know how to swim once they come out?



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    Newborn whales instinctively know how to swim after birth. Newborn humpback whales, for instance, will swim to the surface for their first breath within 10 seconds after being born. Because it may not be a strong swimmer at first, the mother helps it with her flippers. Within 30 minutes after birth, newborn humpbacks can swim. Newborn gray whales can swim steadily within three hours after birth. Until then, the baby gray whale may rest on the back or fin of its mother for support.

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    As shaunabannan said, swimming is an instinctive behavior for newborn whales much like breathing is an instinctive behavior for all animals. Most animals have lots of instinctive behaviors. However, baby humans are a little different from most other animals because they need to spend more time learning certain things. This feature allows humans to change their culture quickly at the cost of spending more time nurturing and caring for their young before they become productive members of society. Some of the more intelligent social animals on our planet spend much of their youth playing to develop behaviors that will help them survive as adults. However, humans spend much more time developing and learning than other animals.

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