How do wealthy nations help poor nations conserve their forests?



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    It’s important to look at the reason forests are being cut down in the first place.  Although many laws are in place to protect such majestic forests as the Amazon Rainforest and other tropical region forests, according to website, forests “are worth more cut down than they are standing.”  That is, in a money-driven world, tree products like paper and toilet paper are more desirable than the beauty of a bunch of trees.  Often, forests are clear-cut for crop-raising and livestock grazing lands, which are more economically useful than trees themselves.  Wealthy nations can help in a lot of ways: they can give food to nations with no other means of growing it for themselves than deforesting their lands.  They can invest in developing nations’ sustainability plans, sending resources to aid in better farming practices that don’t involve the chopping of trees.  Countries who are financially able can give the money it woudl take to send “teams” or short-term missions groups to nations in need since what these nations lack is not the ability for manual labor, or human resources, but the money (and often the access to education) for building a better future for themselves.

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