How do we use the environment for entertainment purposes?



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    The environoment generally gets abused for entertainment urposes. Props have to be made out of natural resources, transportation, lighting, ect., in general entertainment is damaging to the environment.


    On the flip side, certain socially concious entrtainers have been known to have shows to benefit the environment. While the production of these shows is probably not envrinomentally friendly, they do help raise money for the environment, as well as intangible goods such as awareness or making the environment seem “cool” in popular society.

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    Well there is environmental tourism. People use nature for entertainment in the form of camping, hiking, rafting, etc. Unfortunately there are the jerks that pollute and litter when they are on these excursions. Check out the links below for more information.

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    Sometimes just observing the environment can be entertainment, which causes it no harm at all. Have you ever sat on a beach and watched the waves crash? Stared up at the sky to watch the clouds pass by? Or watched the sunset in awe of the earth? I think these and many more experiences can be entertaining, and it is important we all take the time to do this and teach our children this in order to instill an appreciation of the environment and the world around us. 

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    I agree that the environment can be entertaining in both positive and negative ways.  So we should focus on the positives, in which cities and states promote tourism by presenting the natural beauty of places, such as the forests and the beaches.  I think we can all be entertained from the beauty and magesty of nature.

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    Recreational purposes, mostly.  Many people enjoy doing activities out in nature.  Camping, hiking, parasailing, kayaking…the list goes on.  Also, some people simply enjoy being outside and enjoying nature, so even that can be seen as entertainment.

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    National Geographic and the Discovery Channel are two major entertainment sources tht use the environment.  Through photography, journalism, and filming they introduce audiences to aspects of the environment and nature that would otherwise never be known to them.  Additionally, writers and documentary producers do the same thing.

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    There has been an up swell in recent years of the popularity of documentary films that manage both to educate and to entertain people. Earth, BluePlanet and Life are three examples of this. New advances in high definition technology make these remote places accessible to the everyday person, generating mass interest in vistas that most people would not find out about otherwise.

    There has also been a focus in children’s entertainment which has a positive trend towards teaching the next generation that we share the planet, and that it’s up to us to keep it clean. Wall-E, Over the Hedge, Happy Feet,  and Ponyo are some examples of this trend.

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    For our own personal entertainment purposes, the environment is used daily. People go to the park, they go to the beach, or go hiking in the woods. The environment is a great place to enjoy for entertainment, but it is important that we keep it clean and protect it.

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