How do we use energy fighting global warming?



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    Well, right now I am on the internet for the purpose of fighting global warming (I feel as though spreading awareness and knowledge of the issues of environmental destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change will offset any harm I am doing to the earth by drawing power from the wall socket to power my laptop and for the router to be running and for the server that operates this site to be up and running). So there are unintended consequences. For example, I have a friend who traveled to Copenhagen to be part of the youth coalition on Climate Change at the summit; and she flew over there, and unfortunately this means that she harmed the earth (well she didn’t directly, but she utilized a transportation service which did) on the way to go to her meeting about not harming the earth. If you want to weigh using some electricty to get on the computer and tele-conference, vs. getting on an airplane which burns 5 gallons of fuel per mile, it’s a no brainer… Even Al Gore is guilty of this scenario: He flies all over the world promoting climate awareness while he is in fact making it worse, but alas, we aspires and hopes to cause more positive change in spreading his message than the harm he must do to be able to get it out there to a large audience.  Politicians waste tons of fuel going on campaign tours and foreign meetings and all that jazz they do, and you know who pays for it? We do. (and so does the enitre round world because they are polluting!) I say it’s time that we demand the change we were promised, and use our energy and resources more wisely—come on conservative party!—You should be leading the way!

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