How do we turn cotton green?



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    Greening cotton refers to the process of producing cotton that is both safe for the environment and the animals. This can usually be achieved through production of organic cotton. Certified organic cotton is grown without use of pesticides and harvested without use of defoliants. There are different independent institutions that certifies organic cotton: KRAV, IMO, and CUC (former SKAL). A piece of clothing is an industrial product that has been through some processes. So you can not use the term “organic clothes”. It is the cotton that is organic, not the clothes.

    The fact that organic cotton has been used, is not a guarantee that the dying and treatment processes are environmental safe. One company that ensures their cotton is 100% eco friendly is Green Cotton. They gurantee a life cycle approach, where all stages in the product’s life cyclus is taken into consideration. So the dying and print is without heavy metals, PVC and formaldehyde. There has been no use of opticial whitener, chlorine bleach, flame retardants or phthalates.

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