how do we track how much of the ozone layer is left?



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    Scientists around the world are using a tool called the Ozonesonde on a weekly basis to measure ozone levels. It has a sensory device inside a balloon which senses ozone levels up to 35km or 115,000 feet before bursting. The Ozonesonde sends an electrical current back to a receiving station on ground that is proportional to the amount of ozone it encounters. Sites in Colorado, Hawaii, and Antarctica have results from this tool for the past 15 years, a significant time period in ozone depletion. Here is a picture of the inner-workings of an Ozonesonde as well as what it looks like on the outside. A chart showing data collected by Ozonesondes in Switzerland is also given:

    The mechanics of an OzonesondeAn OzonesondeOzonesonde  data

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