How do we tell how much moisture there is in the atmosphere?



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    You measure the content of water vapor in the air. The instument used to measure air moisture is a hygrometer. Measuring humitity is the water vapor content in the air and absolute humidity is the wight of water vapor per unit volume of air. Hygrometers use the temperature of condensation, changes in electrical resistance, and changes in electrical capacitance to measure humidity.

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    Atmospheric moisture, also known as humidity, is the measure of how much water vapor there is the air. It is measured in a few ways. Absolute humidity is the weight of the water vapor per unit air, measured in units of grams of water vapor per cubic meter of air. Specific humidity is the weight of water vapor per unit weight of air—this measurement is preferred since it is not impacted by change in temperature.


    Hygrometers are the instruments used for measuring relative humidity.

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