How do we solve global warming?



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    Lower greenhouse gas emissions. It is the smoking gun behind why our weather is changing, and why it is becoming increasingly unstable. The flux of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere since the industrial revolution has contributed to the radical weather patterns and the warming of the Earth. We should be focusing on how to create more renewable energy, since the emissions mostly come from our need for electricity. We should also plant more trees, and encourage the growth of old growth forests so that the carbon that is already in the atmosphere can be reduced and therefore locked up in the trees themselves. These are just a few broad ideas but I think you catch my drift.

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    Some of the factors that contribute to global warming are the emission of greenhouse gases from human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation of once fertile lands. Stopping the emission of greenhouse gases is not an easy task. The majority of people drive cars that emit greenhouse gases and a majority of energy production results in greenhouse gas emissions. Clean vehicles, such as electric vehicles need to be developed, but for them to be 100 percent clean they need to get their energy from renewable sources. Making renewable energy faculties can be expensive and requires research and development for the creation of efficient facilities that can compete economically with other sources of energy such as coal and oil. One issue that has been brought up is that a worldwide awareness is needed to prevent global warming, where everyone is doing what they can to reduce their environmental impacts. Creating a worldwide environmental consciousness is an extremely difficult task.

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