How do we reverse soil erosion?



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    The main way to prevent, and in time, reverse soil erosion is to maintain vegetated ground cover. Farmland management is also key to dealing with soil erosion issues. Farmers should plant crops according to the soil types available, rotate crops and allow fallowing to help restore nutrients to the soil, and prevent overgrazing by livestock. They should restrict the amount of chemicals being put in the soil that may change is pH level, salinity or may kill vegetation and soil organisms such as worms.

    In addition, education of impoverished farmers and restriction of building new roads.

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    Soil restoration is the reverse of soil degradation, and degraded soil may restore itself once the causative factors are eliminated. Appropriate land use and judicious soil and crop management will reverse the degradative trends by setting in motion soil resilience characteristics. Soil restoration can be achieved even during an intensive agricultural land use.

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