How do we regulate sprawl in large cities?



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    According to a National Policy Analysis research paper, sprawl is the unregulated suburban development that undermines our quality of life. It is said to increase traffic congestion, scars landscape, and threatens the agricultural space that farmers have. In the mid 1990s large cities such as Portland and Minneapolis decided to regulate the amount of roads and highways they build. The lack of new roads has increased congestion in the downtown areas. 

    In the research section, there is an article about development. The author is unhappy with the regulation of sprawl, however, they have listed what cities are doing to regulate sprawl. 

    “Under the guise of deterring sprawl—i.e., preventing additional neighbors— many suburban communities have adopted exclusionary zoning, impact fees, involuntary proffers, mandatory amenities, growth boundaries, service districts, infrastructure concurrency, and large-lot zoning to discourage new construction.”

    The websites below include the proposal from the 90s and a research article from 2009. I hope this is helpful! 

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