How do we reduce pollution in our every day lives?



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    The first step is to know where you can cut back.  Check out your carbon footprint online so you can recognize what you’re putting out there.  Then, the most important thing you can do is recycle., in case you don’t already use a recycling center/have it picked up curbside, will tell you where you can recycle anything recyclable in your area.  The second most important thing (maybe one and two are tied) is drive less!  Air pollution from traffic is huge.  Make sure you don’t contaminate your water supply with medications or waste that doesn’t belong in them.  Don’t smoke!  That’s a hard one if you’re a smoker but a great way to ease air pollution a little.  Use organic soaps, detergents and household products to reduce land and water contamination. 

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    Another great way to reduce pollution is to start purchasing locally grown foods.  This helps promote food that has travelled shorter distances, which equals less gas and less pollution and helps stimulate your own community’s economic growth.  Another method of reducing pollution could be to start composting waste as well.

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    Transportation is one way to help out. Where ever you can, use public transportation or ride a bike to get around.  There are energy efficient wheel hubs that allow you to travel farther on your bike. Moreover, should you need to drive, there are ways to save energy. Lighten the load in the car, make sure it is properly maintained, and avoid accelerating or braking too quickly and harshly as that consumes more gas.

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