How do we recycle e-waste?



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    E-waste cannot be thrown into your local recycling bins, like most other recyclables. Most electronic waste has toxic material that could leak out if not disposed of properly. Contact your local computer store, TV store, cell phone store, or other location depending on what you want to recycle and see if they offer some sort of trade in or take-back program where you can turn your old piece of hardware in for something new. They may offer recycling events, as might many local schools, to properly dispose of your e-waste. The website listed below can also help you find and e-waste recycling center near you.

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    What do you mean by RECYCLE ?   I think you will agree, collecting it is not recycling.  If it were we could collect it and dump it in the ocean or burry it.  So what does recycling mean?  Does it mean 5% or 95% of the weight is recycled. I think you will agree, its when the materials present are used to make another part.  For instance melting down the plastic, and shaping it into another part.  A printer housing becoming a plastic toilet part perhaps. Unfortunately very little maybe 20% of the weight of a collected computer or TV component is turned into any new part. So collect, but only 20% recycle.  801 973 4774

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