How do we recycle batteries?



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    If you mean to ask where you can recycle them at, there’s a really good program called Call2Recycle. If you mean just how we recycle them, though, it would seem to be a process that has to be done by a company. I’d presume they were recycled by breaking them down into their individual components like anything else in multiple pieces that are recycled!

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    Great question! Let’s start with car batteries: You can recycle old car batteries at places such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts because most of these places are retailers for car batteries. Therefore, they also act as authorized collection and recycling centers for used car batteries and the like. 

    For regular dry-cell batteries, you can take them to consumer electronic places such as Best Buy and Office Depot for recycling. Many of these places have recycling kiosks inside their stores where you can deposit your used batteries. 

    You can also check to see whether you city has an official collection site for used batteries and other hazardous household materials. 

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    Lead Acid batteries, or traditional car batteries, are perhaps the easiest to recycle. Their contents can be made into new batteries easily. The first electric cars ran off of Lead Acid batteries, and many electric cars still do! Lead Acid batteries are also less expensive than other recharable batteries. If you are curious to learn more about the mechanics of battery recycling, check out this link:

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