How do we protect ocean marine reserves?



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    The government and its laws can help, two years ago President Obama launched an ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes protection program to protect these resources from pollution, overfishing, and global warming.

    California has an Ocean Protection Council that works to keep the ocean ecosystems healthy and productive.

    In general, encouraging people to live and fish sustainably and to protect the natural world will help build support.

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    There are specific groups working hard to protect the oceans; I suggest you spend time on their sites and support them.  A short summary of some things to do is below:

    • Learn about climate change and your impact on it
    • Campaign and vote for candidates who support marine conservation
    • Don’t keep a saltwater aquarium.  Or, if you must, buy only Marine Aquarium Council external link certified fish.
    • If you scuba dive, do it responsibly
    • If you eat seafood, ensure it is sustainable. Carry and use a sustainable seafood wallet guide available from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Those are just a few ideas check out the following links and the links below for lots more information!

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