How do we plug our electric vehicles in at home?



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    I think many of them can plug into a standard outlet (120v). What we should be plugging them into is electricity that comes from a clean, renewable source, like solar energy (“In fact, many EV drivers recharge their cars from rooftop solar panels today, generating virtually no pollution for their local driving”—from plug in, wind, geothermal, tidal, or biomechanically harvested energy (you know what goes on at the gym, only we let it all go to waste! How many musclenecks does it take to generate the 3000 to 4000 kWh of energy? [that’s the amount of energy it takes to move an electric car for an entire year!])… If you go to this page, you will see a picture of what looks to be a regular old three prong socket—and it’s plugged right into the car like a fuel line would be! Cool if you ask me, but I want to see what you’ve got in the “lighter” department?! (think ultra-lite weight bike [w/ huge tires and many tall gears] on an electric mag-lev track that is a fusion of man, machine, and electric field!—I think that 10,000 miles to the gallon is possible [if you throw in a few kCALs of energy here and there, some GPE for your downhills, an efficient gas-powered motor {but only when ABSOLUTELY necessary}, and throw in the levitation factor to get this baby weightless so we can coast and let the wind assist when the terrain is level]!) There’s no stopping us.  Only time and the limits of our capitalist enterprise system are standing in the way of the future of transportation—the eco-friendly, super cool/efficient/quick/trafficless way!!!!

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