How do we need to change our relationship with consumption to be more green?



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    In the US, people just need to be educated about the effects of mass consumption. I grew up ignorant, and did not know the true effects of our lifestyle on the Earth until I reached college. What we need to do as a society, is instead of mindlessly consume, use things in moderation and not buy things we do not “need.” The hardest part about this is overcoming the mass media advertisements that come at us all every angle at all times of the day.

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    I think whenever we create anything we should be cognizant of: a.) what effect its creation has on our environment and b.) what we will do with it once it’s use is over. We can still consume but we have to learn what to do with things that we use so that there is no waste. We are finally starting to see the waste add up and it can’t be sustained anymore. It’s important that there is a fundamental change in the relationship between people and the earth but it’s no small feat. We have been ingrained with consumption our entire life but it can’t be sustained.

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    The rate of consumption needs to be drastically reduced. One issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that sometimes people purchase items because they are a status symbol. Some people believe that by having the newest, biggest, or fanciest product others will admire them because they have the financial resources to purchase them. Another issue is that people sometimes purchase items because they believe it will make them happy. Materials do not make people happy, if they did a lot more people would be happy, they are merely items that people put a value on.

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