How do we monitor the carbon emissions of different countries?



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    I think it’s less a matter of “how” we monitor other countries’ emissions and more a question of “should.”  There is a fine line between trying to help other countries and pending on imperialism.  If we want to make a greater impact on the climate, we should first monitor ourselves and then work on influencing others to follow in the same footsteps. 

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    There are many ways for tracking carbon dioxide emissions from land use change, such as deforestation or agriculture, or from burning fossil fuels, whether in a power plant, automobile, or other device. If these information for some reason aren’t available, satellites can still “see” changes that aren’t public. These monitor weather patterns and compare them to previous records. If these don’t match up, more likely than not, carbon emissions have something to do with it. NASA is one of the biggest weather monitoring agency and they make all sorts of statistics showing what’s happening.

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