How do we monitor the air quality in different cities?



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    According to NASA there are several way citizens can test for Air Quality.

    1. Estimate Visibility:

    • Use a camera to take pictures of the place you are trying to test.
    • Record the color of the sky
    • Record the visibility (of course many of the estimates will be subjective)

    2. Record the Temperature/weather conditions (which may impede the color of the sky)

    3. Note the farthest landmark you can see and record the distance (this can be done using google earth)

    4. Do this every day.

    According to the article “Observing Your Air Quality” from, “Poor air quality contributes to poor visibility, but poor visibility doesn’t always mean that the air quality is bad.”

    You can also measure visibility using a sun photometer which ranges between $75-$130. Also to measure ozone and the pollutants, a simple test strip can be used and purchased with a test kit. All the information for the equipment can be found on their website. Click on the URL below.

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