How do we measure rainfall?



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    Rainfall is measured using a rain gauge in terms of inches of millimeters. There are many types of rain gauges. Every 24 hours the bottles in the rain gauge that hold the water are measured to calculate that days rainfall.

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    Rain, for all the sophisticated meteorological equipment used to predict and track it, is still measured in the crudest form. Rainfall is measured by inches, assuming that precipitation comes in a relatively uniform way. Most measure rainfall by using simple graduated cylinders that collect rainwater. This old technology is still the most efficient way of measuring exactly how much water falls. If these collectors are not present, meteorologists can use scientific equations and data from other rainfalls (using this crude technology) to estimate precipition for regions without these basic instruments.

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    Rain guage is used to measure the amount of rainfall every day. It is either measured in Millimetres, centimeters or in inches. The daily measurements are kept and calculated to give rise to the monthly and annual rainfall of a given area.

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