How do we measure if Americans want green energy or not?



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    We already have, and clearly they do. Numerous public opinion polls are conducted all the time on questions such as these. One fairly recent (October 2009) poll found that an astounding 94% of respondents said they were in favor of efforts in the United States to develop and use solar energy, with the issue cutting across party lines (91% of Republicans, 97% of Democrats and 98% of independents saying yes). Another poll from May found that 75% of respondents were in favor of proposed rules requiring electric utilities to generate at least 25% of their power from green sources by the year 2025. Some of these numbers are pretty surprising, considering it’s difficult to get 75% of Americans, much less 94%, to agree on anything. As with any polls you must take into account who was sampled, how representative the sample group is of the public at large, and the wording of the questions asked. What is clear is that, regardless of the exact numerical percentage of Americans who favor one type of green energy over another, a substantial majority seem to want green energy in the abstrace, and a substantial number of those are in favor of green energy development becoming policy on some level. Consequently, we can say pretty safely that Americans do want green energy.

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