How do we measure how effective green consumerism is for the environment?



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    By totaling up how much we have avoided in the way of carbon emissions. Green products (like take for example a soda can that is unpainted—so it is much easier to recycle, because the paint doesn’t have to be removed before melting down the aluminum) are products do not harm the earth / environment. We can see how many products (and of what types) have been purchased, and assume people would still be buying a non-green soda can (to go back to the former example), and then compare the difference in carbon/ energy expendatures. Also, hopefully over time, as we begin to see much more wide-sweeping and ubiqituous use of green products (a more strict environmental law code will ensure this), we will see a reflection of that in the data scientists are constantly polling from the environment. Actual Change in the way of Carbon Concentrations in the atmosphere  (we should strive to get back to 275 or 300 ppm in the near distant future).

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