How do we manage E-waste different than other countries?



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    Each country (including the European Union) handles their electronic waste differently. For a great overview and background information for countries with electronic waste policy, this Wiki article is a great read. It also talks about how electronic waste is disposed of and features external links to businesses and companies which handle electronic waste.

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    Unlike the USA, Canada has a sophisticated E-waste collection and dismantling system. Where in the USA we may collect 10-20% of electronics, in Canada, the percentage may range from 50 to 75%. The vast difference is do to the fact Canada adopted a way to pay for the recycling.  Although different in the various provinces, both consumers, and suppliers pay in some way.  The funds set out dumpster for collection of all electronics, transport the materials for disassembly, and pay companies to do this. Materials are allocated based on the companies with the highest actual recycling rate.   That is materials returned to a 2nd reuse.  The result is some 10 years ahead of the USA, and is now moving toward adding to this stream, everything with a cord.  801 973 4774

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