How do we make salt these days?



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    If you mean salt, as in common table salt, most of it is mined from the earth as rock salt, but respectable quantities also come from salt brines from dissolving subsurface rock salt with the fluid then pumping it up through wells, and some is made through solar evaporation and mechanical evaporation processes.

    Only about 4% of salt is used in food applications; more than a third of US consumption is in highway de-icing. About a quarter of the salt used in the US is imported, mostly from Canada and China.

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    Rock salt is harvested from either excavated mines or other geological land areas that are host to layers of this sedimentary material. There are 3 ways in which salt is extracted and processed into the packaged product we know. One method uses solar energy, which is said to be the least expensive option (product is: solar or sea salt). Another is via shaft mining, whereby solid rock is either removed for processing or is collected by pumping water into the mine, thereby dissolving the mineral which is then pumped out (evaporated or vacuum pan salt). The final method is to extract salt from saline lakes or other water bodies. “The products of these technologies are known as rock salt, evaporated salt (or vacuum pan salt) and solar (or sea) salt”.

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