How do we make our air cleaner?



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    There are several options to clean the air according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA suggests conserving electricity, adopt cleaner commuting efforts, bicycle or walk as needed, use gasoline later in the day, refuel vehicles after dusk, limit engine idling, get your car checked out regularly, Avoid spilling gas, dispose of harmful chemicals properly, avoid painting with sprayers, and buy low VOC paints. The EPA has another list for what one can do to reduce the levels of particle pollution as well. The information is available at the website cited below.

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    Few very easy ways:

    Stop using house cleaners(windex, bleach, mr clean) and replace them with vinegar mixed with water.

    Plant a tree or shrubs in your yard. Hasta plants are impossible to kill! dont use lawn fertalizer or pesticides.

    Use less electricity, turn the heat down and the air up.

    Walk more often.

    Breathe easier 🙂

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