How do we make hydrogen for our vehicles?



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    Hydrogen is made for hydrogen vehicles through the process of electrolysis. Water is combined with an electrolyte, a current is ran through the solution which then forces the hydrogen and water molecules to split. However, this process is highly expensive. Hope this helps!

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    Hydrogen is generated by splitting water.  The molecular formula of water is H2O, you are probably aware of this.  So when a current is run through water, bubbles will form.  These bubbles are hydrogen and oxygen.  You can try this experiment at home with a battery and some wires (make sure you have parental permission and supervision if you are not an adult).  If you place two wires into a beaker of water and have something like a test tube positioned above them, you can collect the gasses. Hydrogen will form from the negative electrode and oxygen from the positive electrode in a 2 to 1 ratio.  Here is a link to more detailed instructions if you would like to try it.

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