How do we make baking soda?



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    Considering that baking soda is a chemical (sodium bicarbonate), there is no easy way to simply make it from items you can buy at the grocery store.  You can heat calcium carbonate so it releases CO2, then when the CO2 vapors are dissolved in the water of ammonia and sodium chloride (table salt), Sodium bicarbonate will precipitate.  Or if you’d prefer, you can find baking soda in its natural state dissolved in mineral springs.

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    Baking soda is not something that is necessarily made, it is found naturally in the environment. It is a naturally occurring substance found in all living things to help regulate their ph balance. The baking soda that you purchase at the store is made from soda ash. This ash is mined from trona and then dissolved in a solution to extract the baking soda. 

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