How do we live in harmony with our environment?



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    The simplest answer…we don’t. Humans have removed themselves so far from the environment and have shaped the planet to our liking. To live in harmony with the environment would be to live off the land and create minimal waste. The vast majority of people on this planet do not do that, and even farmers and such in poorer countries have to remove themselves from the environment in an effort to stay up with production/norms of the changing technological world. I agree humans should at least attempt to live in harmony with our environment, I personally am planning to hike part of the appalachian trail or maybe even live in the woods for a year or so, still undecided on that fact. It’s almost impossible to do the latter activity today though, the world is so populated and there are restrictions on land use.

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    It is difficult to since humans exploit the environment to the point where we become parasites; we are constantly using resources from nature and don’t give back to the environment as much as we should. Thus, to live in harmony with the environment, society should equally give as much as we take. Save trees, plant native species, promote biodiversity, conserve land, avoid wasting resources and decrease gas emissions are some examples that support environmental growth. Life can be peaceful and sustainable if humans attempt to cut down personal needs for the sake of maintaining a green world. Do more good than harm towards the environment is a healthy way start living a harmonious life with nature. 

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