How do we know for sure that human are causing climate change?



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    Years upon years of laboratory experiments have shown that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have the effect of raising global temperatures by trapping heat. The rise in human carbon dioxide emissions correlates strongly with the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which, in turn, correlates with rising heat content on Earth, especially in the oceans. While there technically is a possibility that humans are not causing climate change, the amount of evidence to the contrary is vast — enough so that the UN declared it in 2007 to be ‘unequivocal.’ There is an ever-increasing consensus among scientists regarding this phenomenon, and a good overview of the evidence can be found in the links below.

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    Going off of the above answer, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has evaluated much of the research behind anthropogenic causes of climate change and concluded (back in 2007) that they have “very high confidence” in their assessment of the human-related global warming. They now have estimates on the speed and intensity at which these climatic changes are likely to occur. For example, the sea level is expected to rise 28-58 cm in the coming century. And judging by the science behind all of these findings, it’s hard to really deny human influence on climate change.

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    Just a few visual in support of excellent above arguments. We know for certain that since the industrial revolution, the level of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere has steadily increased. This graph, from the United Nations Environmental Programme, shows the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 130 years:

    This graph shows trends in global average surface temperature over the same time period:


    For more evidence in support of the anthropogenic aspect of climate change, see the NASA and IPCC links below.


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    Natural global warming has happened before, as have natural rises in CO2 levels. Skeptics point to these natural cycles when arguing against human-caused global warming, but Earth has deviated from that cycle; the same model that identified the pattern in previous climate shifts does not indicate the climate shift that is happening now.

    CO2 traps infrared energy, and levels are higher than ever. This can happen naturally too, but isotropic signatures reveal that these CO2 particles are from fossil fuels.

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