How do we know if a winery is organic or not?



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    Good question, bonilla.  I would imagine, similar to what we find here, that any organic winery would promote that fact as much as they could.  I think people like to know that the companies they buy their products from are green, which as led to a phenomena called “greenwashing,” where companies claim to be green, when in fact they probably aren’t.  As far as organic goes, there has been some controversy over what should be able to be labeled as such, but generally speaking, a company will want to boast if they think they qualify.  If you have been looking into a particular winery and cannot decide whether they are organic or not, they probable aren’t.  If you are still unsure, try to look for a way to contact them, and I am sure they would be glad to inform you.

    Hope this helps!

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    There are various wineries that are taking steps to create a product without using sulfites or growing grapes without the use of pesticides.  The California Wine Mall lists various wineries that fulfill this criteria.  Also the Town Hall lists specific types of wines from wineries that are CCOF certified (California Certified Organic Farmers) as well.

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    An organic winery would not hide the fact that they are organic.  If a winery isn’t organic, they wouldn’t mention it at all.  You can probably gauge it simply by advertising.

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