how do we know david suzuki made a difference?



  1. mle
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    David Suzuki is known for his broadcast programs (radio and TV) that explained science concepts in ways understandable to the masses.  He is also considered a world leader in sustainable ecology.

    Your question “how do we know David Suzuki made a difference” is difficult to answer.  Whether someone made a difference is viewed differently by history at different times.  

    However, David Suzuki has won many awards and been recognized for his excellence in broadcasting, leadership in sustainable ecology, and as a research scientist.

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    Do you mean made a difference to the environmental?  Well, I suppose there are many ways you could go about assessing the impact he has made.  From as small an effort as having one person tell you that David Suzuki changed the way they value of the environment, or to recording the number of awards and recognitions he has received (presuming the judges were reliable decision-makers, which I believe is generally true).  I guess my short answer is, Ask.  Research. 

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