How do we keep water from getting contaminated?



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    Be careful about what you throw down the sink: paints, oils or other forms of litter can contaminate water. Also, do not overuse pesticides or fertilizers because both can run-off into nearby water sources. There are other answers provided at the website listed below.

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    Another very important contaminate is sewage. It is very easy to contaminate water by the way of sewage because it only takes a few microscopic molecules to create huge cholera epidemics. Look at places like Haiti and India and historical England.

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    There are many ways to contaminate water such as agricultural and industrial runoff, spillages and dumping in oceans and other waterways.  But the best way for us as individuals to not contaminate waters are to not dispose of things down our sinks, toilets or tubs.  These include, antibiotics or other medications, household products, even some types of cooking products.  Do not wash chemicals or harsh products down in our yards with the hose, in fact, don’t use those products in our homes and yards because rain water and cleaning products can be washed into the ground waters.  Don’t use toxic products at all if possible, and if you have them dispose of them properly.  Even when camping, waste must be disposed of properly otherswise it can easily contaminate nearby water sources.

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