How do we keep fruits fresh in the grocery stores all year around?



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    Usually, grocery stores recieve food during the winter from other parts of the country and the world, either from places in another hemisphere where it is summer, or tropical/subtropical regions. In the US, for example, much of the produce during the winter (and sometimes even in the summer) comes from California, Georgia and Florida. The sticker on the fruit will typically tell you the state/country it came from.

    The growing environmental movement of locavorism, eating locally grown organic foods often from farmer’s markets, means that one’s diet will be more seasonal. For example, if you limit yourself to eating locally, you wont get an asparagus or peach in January. But this significantly reduces the carbon footprint produced by eating: shipping food from other areas uses tons of gasoline and tremendous amounts of electricity to keep produce cool. And eating locally can also lead to fresher, more unusual and interesting foods.

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