How do we increase the carbon content of soil?



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    If you are referring to carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), which intends to reduce the carbon concentration in the air by capturing it and putting it underground, in mineral compounds or deep underwater, then that is still an unanswered question.  CCS is a movement pioneered by Professor Klaus Lackner of Columbia University.  Professor Lackner has already helped create ways to capture carbon directly from power sources but also from the air.  The problem is the storage and how to ensure that it stays where it is put.  Soil does not have great potential; scientists are mostly looking at complex mineral structures and deep ocean areas that have the best potential to keep the carbon trapped inside.

    There are also studies being done to see if the carbon levels of soil can be improved by “fertilizing” the soil with the waste from coal plants and sewage treatment facilities. This practice is being researched in areas where land degradation is high to see if any improvements in carbon levels can be measured.  If this works, it is a good way to reuse the waste of carbon-producing plants as well as sequester more carbon, but it certainly is not enough to counteract global emissions.

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