How do we humans pollute air and land?



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    We humans can get pretty creative in our methods of polluting.

    Air pollution, for example, comes from many sources.  Fossil fuel burning from cars and coal plants produce greenhouse gases, as does making concrete.  Particulate matter and dust are also big problem. 

    Land polluting can come from littering, runoff from agriculture and mining, depleting soils from intensive agriculture, and many other sources.

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    Historically, humans have polluted air in many ways, beginning with wood fires in the caveman area! Nowadays, most air pollution comes from automobiles and industry, which exude many pollutants, including carbon mono and dioxide, hydrocarbons, and others.

    Water pollution can come from the improper treatment of any kind of waste, including bodily waste (sewage;) runoff from agriculture which can include both fertilizers (which promote rapid growth and decomposition of lifeforms in bodies of water) and harmful chemicals; and improper handling of any kind of contaminated water. The latter could be from radioactive sources like a nuclear reactor.

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