How do we hold conservation groups accountable for protecting animals?



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    We can encourage successful conservation by volunteer for or donating to the conservation groups that we feel are doing well.  Keep in mind that conservation groups do not have to do what they do; they conserve because they want to, and they are often times the only ones fighting to protect a particular animal or area.  Wouldn’t it be better to ask, how do we hold those accountable who cause animals to need protection in the first place?

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    Research!  I recently ran into a similar dilemma.  I wanted to help protect the Orangutans, and wanted to be sure my money went to the right cause….versus administration costs for conservation groups who mean well but don’t actually do as well.  In order to choose the right one, I had to fully understand the threats they face (habitat destruction in place of palm oil production) and there were many conservation groups who were dedicated to rehabilitating orangutans into the wild….but what good is that when they release them to an environment that is later destroyed?  Instead, I found a group that focuses more on habitat conservation.

    Every dollar you spend is a vote you make. 

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