How do we go green if we are so reliant on the automobile?



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    It is indeed one of the most challenging aspects of the energy and emissions problem, though the solution lies in new technology. The current push for all that is green is slowing but surely transferring to the car industry and manufacturers. They are slowing making changes for the better, the US government has called for raised emission standards (though the goal is low and not for years). However, I am not yet convinced that the real breakthrough is going to come from anyone terribly established. There are a number of companies out there with a number of different prototypes and vehicles in all different stages that have little if anything to do with non-renewable resources. We’ll go green with cars, we need to stay on it, keep pushing for more regulation; try and get our states to be leaders on the issue like California has been for a long time. Transportation does not have to be the enemy, nor does personal transportation though it is slightly tougher, progress is being made (though I admit not in enough time for the Earth’s sake) in the field and oil is bound to lose eventually.

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    We can promote smart growth or green development. Instead of building out and creating more and more suburbs of suburbs, building more high density communities will make the automobile less of a necessity. In conjunction, public transportation needs to be more developed so that these communities can be connected to each other and to centers for jobs. The difficulty will be making high density communities functional and desirable to live in. One way to do this is to create incentives to build walkable communities.

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