How do we get oil from sand?



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    Oil can be derived from “oil sand” that is actually semi-solid petroleum, or bitumen. Once the oil sand is mined and sent to an extraction plant, it is placed in a separation vessel that separates the sand from the bitumen. The bitumen is then purified, removing water and clay solids, before it is processes into crude oil.

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    Soil sits on top of oil sand deposits, which are literally sand containing semi-solid petroleum or bitumen. This oil sand is then poured into a processor which breaks up any lumps, as well as removing any rocks. This substance is combined with water and sent to an extraction plant, where it enters a separation vessel. The sand settles to the bottom, the water to the middle, and a froth to the top containing bitumen. This froth is combined with a solvent, and spun to remove any clay solids. Then, it can be processed into crude oil. This method outlines the mining method of sand oil extraction.

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