How do we get rid of water pollution right now?



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    If you wanted to get rid of all water pollution right away, you would first have to address the causes of water pollution and put an end to them. This would include an international, cooperative effort to stop runoff, spills, or intentional dumping from factories, refineries, treatment plants, and other industrial institutions that put contaminants into water; prevent debris and pollutants from being washed down the drains in cities and towns and making their way to rivers and oceans; preventing runoff as a result of agricultural practices such as the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and industrial wastes; and removing trash that ends up in water supplies, either through human carelessness, sinking or capsized boats, illegal dumping, or any number of other methods. Once all of these issues had been addressed and measures had been put in place to prevent any of them from ever happening again, you would need to allow time for the water systems to heal themselves, or (more likely) take active measures to remove pollutants from the water, such as filtering, trash removal, and water treatment. In the end, the sheer cost and infeasibility of completing all these steps effectively will likely prevent them from ever occurring, but you can do your part as an individual to make sure you don’t contribute to water pollution and you raise awareness about the issue and help to work toward a cleaner water supply.

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