How do we define tundra?



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    It is the coldest of the biomes, characterized by a very cold climate, low diversity of life, simple structure of vegetation, drainage limitation, short growth and reproduction season, energy and nutrients come from dead organic material, and large population oscillations. It is commonly divided into arctic and alpine tundra.

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    Tundra comes from the Finnish word “tunturia”, which means a barren land. The tundra climate is actually the youngest biome and is a transitional climate between the subarctic and Ice Cap climates. The tundra is generally characterized by very cold temperatures and dry conditions. Temperatures do not rise about 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. And precipitation levels are similar to that of deserts, with only 6 to 10 inches (mostly snow) per year. Tundra climates are almost exclusive to the northern hemisphere, but can be found on peninsular Antarctica. Very little vegetation is able to grow there mostly consisting of shrubs, mosses, lichen, and grasses.

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