How do we catch rhino poachers?



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    In response to the huge surge in rhino poaching due to high demand in Asia for the horns, more game rangers are being put in place in areas where the poaching has been especially bad.  South Africa

    Many groups are halting safaris because poachers are using them to hide their true agenda.  Jaldapara in India has stopped elephant safaris for the time being and the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) no longer accepts hunting reservations by people from Vietnam and countries in Far East Asia.  Vietnam, Thailand and China all have huge demands for the horn, which is believed to have valuable medicinal properties.

    Gangs are participating in the poaching business, which has become more specialized and high-tech in recent years.  Dozens of poachers are caught and arrested every year but the poaching has increased to a rate of 100/year.  South African National Parks is on the right track, adding rangers, giving them motorbikes and putting 165,000 British pounds into the effort.  Limiting anyone’s access to rhinos, through safaris, conservation trips and hunting trips, is the other way to thwart the poachers.

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