How do waterless urinal works?



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    The standard urinal has water and if it is not flushed frequently will stink and eventually clot. The standard  urinal is not ecofriendly. Although, low-flow toilets are more eco friendly using no water would be environmentally ideal. Nowadays, there are waterless urinals. There are three types of waterless urinals and they are microbiological, barrier, and the valve system.

    Waterless urinals avoid blackage by having the urine go straight from the urine pipes to the main drain. In order to do that the u-bend, which is found under the urinal, is replaced with a right angled pipe. The angled pipe prevents the urine and other debris like hair from being collected.

    Like any urinal, waterless urinals need to be cleaned regularly and properly. When not cleaned regulary and properly, the standard urinals and waterlesss urinals will contain bacteria. The bacteria is what causes the stink. Waterless urinals do not have that absorbent  layer caused by limescale and so should be easier to clean.

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    The company I work for has begun installing Sloan Waterless Urinals in all new and remodeled facilities. Below is a link to the company than makes the cartidges used in these urinals.

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