How do water treatment plants purify their water?



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    Here are a couple of answers that describe the process.  Just click the link below!

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    There is an entire process, but the purifying stage typically utilizes either activated sludge or trickling filters to remove harmful bacteria and growth from the water.

    In activated sludge, the wastewater enters an activated sludge tank where oxygen is continuously pumped in to aerate the tank while the wastewater mixes with the activated sludge water. This sludge water is teeming with bacteria that oxidizes and essentially consumes the harmful substances in the wastewater.This produces flocculent which settles to the bottom of the tank and gets carried out.

    In a trickling filter system, wastewater is run over a “filter” which is really a bed of porous media containing bacteria. As the wastewater runs over this, the bacteria uses the wastewater to grow, removing harmful substances while creating slime. As the slime layer grows, it thickens the bacterial filter depriving it of oxygen. This causes the slime to slough off and restarts the process all over again.

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